A Christian Fiction Writers Prayer


Abba Father;


Author of our lives,

Creative mind of the universe,

Please be with me today

As I sit before this screen

Mind whirling, what to say?


Inspire me to write,

Real truth in a fiction setting,

Able to encourage

Capable of pointing to You

Entertaining, page after page.


Jesus spoke in parables

“Earthly stories with heavenly meanings”,

So people could understand

Who You are, how You love

Word pictures of what He had on hand.


That’s a lot like my mission,

The one You’ve assigned to me,

Guide me Holy Spirit please

To shine a light into the world

By written words all can see.


When I get discouraged,

Rejections pile in,

Cursors blink on blank screens

No one else sees the vision

Characters fall in mid-scene,


Please help me remember,

Like a farmer behind a plow,

I disappoint You most of all

If I take my eyes off You

To hear the world’s applause.

    d.f.a.v. 12/29/14


2 thoughts on “A Christian Fiction Writers Prayer

  1. Donna, you captured a writer’s heart here. Indeed our Lord spoke in parables. He must’ve known stories promote that teachable moment. Yes, I understand the frustration of the blinking cursor. Thank you for your author’s prayer.


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