Across the world in Bethlehem
Stands a place where it is said
Jesus Christ first laid his head
That miraculous night of his birth.

A night lost in a thousand more
When Joseph at the Inn did knock
No rooms here! Gave him a shock.
Stables the birthing room became.

The pains of Mary giving birth
To the biological Son of God and herself then
Were lost among the animals din
Everything within God’s perfect plan.

It has been said for centuries
Messiah came with no place to lay his head
But as I think of that night and what I’ve read
Jesus had the only reservations in town.

God Himself planned far ahead
Planned to get Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem
Nothing on that night was happenstance
This trio followed God’s travel itinerary.

So it is like God works still today
When it seems there is no plan
No rhyme or reason to the race we’ve ran
Until God shows us history from His view.

That’s when it all makes perfect sense
The thoughts of God clear to us become
His plans for us all not just for some
We have our own reservations in man’s tapestry.
                  d.f.a.v.  12/17/14

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