Two Trees

Lights shine a multicolored glow
A few gifts beneath for those we know
Tree stands so straight and strong
It’s 3:53 a.m. and nothing feels wrong.

In my “eyeglasses aren’t on” view
I feel the wonder of a child of two.
Only it isn’t Santa I am looking for
But a taste I’ve received of forevermore.

The gifts don’t matter, they’re not for me
I’ve found my peace at another tree.
A tree cut down to be a cross
Where a Savior would die for all the lost.

Where Jesus stretched out His carpenter’s hands
Blinded eyes took a life on skull shaped land.
Two different trees destined for two separate roles
Each share a part in reaching my soul.

The first shares the glory of Jesus’ birth
Celebration of His coming to earth.
Dressed with symbols of peace and love
Encourages my heart with the Spirit from above.

The second the sacrifice He’d come to be
Initial pain, sorrow and cruelty
Three days later the tide for all men ebbed
Jesus rose alive Death couldn’t keep the dead.

Come to the Christmas tree to celebrate
The joy and wonder of our Savior’s birth
Then kneel at His feet at the cross
Hold onto to Jesus now at all cost.

Falling asleep Christmas lights dance in my eyes
The joy in this season can’t be disguised.
Thank you God for enlightening my soul
Thank you God for being worth more than gold.
d.f.a.v. 12/14/14

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