One deception changed Adam & Eve’s world
One couple ate the fruit and the plan unfurled
One Satan used a snake whose curse was to crawl
One perfect couple lost Paradise, lost it all.

One spat of jealousy put Abel in the ground
One I Am came calling only Cain was found.
One baby saved from Pharaoh’s decree
One basket floated the way a slave a prince to be.

One promise made to forever redeem man,
One act of obedience nailed to the His cross, feet and hands.
One thought of me and my ugly soul
One plea from me later and I was made whole.

One Savior, one Gift, one eternal offering
One Virgin, one truth, one chance and one King,
One city, one stable, one miracle ahead
One person at a time saved from Hell’s flaming bed.

One Spirit, one Father, one Son
One crucifixion Jesus said it was done
One prayer from each heart from all who believe
One soul seeking God by grace is relieved.
                       d.f.a.v. 12/11/14

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