Christmas Songs Entwined

“Do you want to build a snowman?”
No, I’m freezing already cold.
Did you “go tell it on the mountain?
Oh no! I’m not sure I truly can.

“Joy to the world..will you “receive your King?”
Can’t squeeze it in now, pencil you another day?
Then perhaps I can count myself in to
“…Come All Ye Faithful” with joy and nature sing?

“Away in a manger” a little child laid
Mary did you know” which way did I go?
“Silent night, holy night” I can feel my soul grow?
“Come on ring those bells” my sin debt is paid.

“What child is this?” I now question.
Will I buy the “Christmas shoes”?
Or is it to be a “Blue, blue, blue Christmas”?
Or a “Silent night, holy night” Christmas situation?

I see now that in that “…little town in Bethlehem”
A star burns so “…high above the trees…”
I’ve heard it now “…with a voice as big as the sea”
The arrival of the Sacrificial Lamb.
                    d.f.a.v.  12/9/14

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