Light of Home


There’s always a light guiding you home
Despite the winds and rains that moan.
The further you’ve wandered from this place,
Where you’re accepted when they see your face,
The smaller the pin prick to pull you back,
It’s not like you’re alone or a focal point you lack.
A light in the window, a candle or lamp
Barn lantern or fire or flashlight at camp.
Whatever the instrument that has been lit
God’s love is the source of the flame you get.
If you’re lonely and wounded and feeling alone
God is the light to illuminate your way home.
Trust in His love for you and set your sights
On the light though it be dim or bright.
He’ll guide you home where you long to be
That beautiful place we all strive to see.
                 d.f.a.v.  12/7/14

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