I Am Not Job

When the losses

And the sorrows

The misunderstandings

And the judgments

Keep piling up on me

This year I heard myself

As I cried out,

“God, I am not Job!”


Job was like near perfect

He focused on doing what

Pleased God with his life

Satan wanted to devour him

Push Job to deny God

God agreed

He lost everything,

“God, I am not Job!”


“I am not Job!”

So I need You

To hold my head

Above the waters

The ones threatening

My very life

I need Your strength

Or I am going under.


“I am not Job!”

It will have to be You

Who keeps me

Who encourages me

You will have to

Be Job in me

Because, “Lord,

I am not Job!”

    d.f.a.v. 12/5/14


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