There’s so many things to stress over
Days upon days when life isn’t lived among clover,
There’s pain and despair and awful tragedies
A lacking of true love, compassion and loyalty,
There’s nights when the news is depressing and grim
It becomes all that much more difficult to hold onto Him,
Such was the state I found the other day
Turning to God I didn’t know what to say
I grew very still and quieted my mind
Waiting for God so His love could be shined,
In the moment of simple tranquility
One word rang clear in simplicity–


Not to laugh at the hurting and the weak
But at the unexpected joys that come for the meek,
Not to laugh at those outcast and alone
But laugh through the gloom until it is gone,
Not to laugh at those who suffer depression and disease
Laugh with those who make their troubles seem light as a breeze,
Not to laugh at the size of anyone’s jeans
Laugh with the people who get the punch line in the scene,
No laughing at others in houses of gold
Laugh instead at the creaks and groans now you’ve grown old,
Never laugh at your elders because
They can tell if you’re there for just the applause–

But laugh.

A laugh lifts your spirits, eases some pain
It surely rearranges connections in your brain.
A laugh at something silly or weird
Can lead to your dreaming up something dear,
A laugh at tormentors takes their control away
Leaving you unhurt to fight on another day,
A laugh eases tension and chases fear from the place,
Opens doors and windows so you can laugh through the race,
When things go awry as things tend to do,
A laugh instead of tears can be just what to do.
When you can laugh at yourself it proves you are brave
To be totally yourself in every adventure you crave.

So the word for today is laugh my friends laugh!

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