How to Offer Hope in this World


It is hard to be cynical

In the face of hope,

Hard to be skeptical

When miracles occur,

Hard to give up

With a hand reaching out,

And this my, friends

Is what Christ’s hope is about.


It is hard to be cold-hearted

If you truly know God’s love,

Hard to be blind minded

When your heart has the ears,

Hard to be judgmental

When ourselves we truly see,

And this is how my friends

Christ Jesus sets us free.


It is hard to find hope

When life beats you down,

Troubles have you tangled,

Friends can’t be found,

Hard to be open to love

If hurt and pain’s all you know,

Difficult to accept truth

If hates all you’ve been shown.


We learn to reach out to others

When we first reach out to Him

He then reach others through us.

In a world losing hope,

Where hate and greed reign proud

And when real truth is hard to find.

When Jesus shines through us

He can offer hope to mankind.


He will extend others grace

And mercy undeserved,

Even if the world appears

Completely conquered by sin

If we surrender ourselves

God’s vessel to truly be

Then the hope we can offer

Is the Jesus in us they see.

    d.f.a.v. 11/30/2014




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