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God Asked Me


It is a surprise,
This question asked me.
By God of all people,
He whispers the question
From the depths of my heart.
“Daughter, are you happy? ”

It is not my thought,
This unbelievable query.
By what standard?
He should know the answer,
From the shocks afterwards,
“God? How does one know?”

Then I read about glorious adventure,
Striving to stop living safe.
How clinging to old ways
The illusion of predictability
The thought I have control
When God calls me to break free
Discover adventures He has for me.

Then I think my adventures are over.
Striving for simple day-to-day existence.
How can I have adventures or happiness?
The road is long and heavy the load.
When He reminds me how wide and long and to
Discover how deep and high is His love.

“Daughter, I do not call you
To a life of settling and mediocrity
Because it feels like a security.
While you battle the fear and it’s hold
You shield yourself from what you crave,
From perfect love casting out fear
From what you need most — Me.”

“Daughter, what do you say?”
To my Father I admit confusion.
Because I feel so dependent on Him.
While I’ve been struggling have I failed?
You mean I withhold some of me?
From absolute surrender, one hundred precent?
From joy, from happiness, from adventure?

And I am reminded all He plans for me
Is for my good and His glory.
What He asks me now is it not truth?
Have I not asked Him to intervene
To lessen the pain and darkness?
Can this answer be all I need?
Total surrender to Him who loves me unconditionally?

And I feel a jolt of awareness.
Is that a flame igniting in my soul?
What have I to lose now?
Have I looked longingly through the window
To a life I have prevented myself
Can I seek more of Him?
Totally. Absolutely.  Watch me.
               d.f.a.v.  11/10/14

Fall’s Blessings


Fall arrives in crimson cloak
Her hands hold frost and nip the leaves
Seeds and bulbs pull up their earthy blankets
Apple cider simmers on the stove.
Pumpkins plump become dessert.
God blessed the harvest and gratitude abounds.
Wagons scatters hay coming in from the fields
And prayers are lifted as the church bells peal.

Squirrels and humans gather provisions
Store away walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds.
Fields are turned for winter respite,
Last of Mama’s canning is finally done.
High school football on Friday nights,
Storm windows replace the window screens
Gutters receive a good out – cleaning
God looks to Earth pleased with what He’s seeing.

Autumn bursts alive in brilliant color
The woods near ’bout a fireworks display.
Plans are made for journeys home this Thanksgiving
Christmas and winter not far away.
Layered clothing and rugged apparel.
Children pray for the first snowfall.
Crackling fires and toasted marshmallows
Sun seems more a faded yellow.

Seasons arrive then slip away
Winter soon will waltz right in
Followed close by Spring then Summer
And God grant us time we’ll see Fall again.
This Autumn night with full new moon
I tuck away in a prayer in solitude.
God grants us days, nights and seasons
And He alone knows His reasons.
               d.f.a.v.   11/16/14

From the Cottage by the Sea – Lost Holiday

Abba Father:
Of all man’s made-up holidays
I’ve sort of felt sorry for Thanksgiving
With all the attention of Halloween
Then around the corner Christmas
Poor Thanksgiving gets pushed away.

Add to the mix in these modern years
Black Friday which often starts on Thursday
Football games and round-the-clock shopping
Plus attention on the feast to be devoured.
Tensions and indulgences as the day appears.

This year Lord, I pause and think
Of this Cottage in my Heart
The one we built to accommodate
My focus so I could see
You won’t let me drown or sink.

A simple stone Cottage by the Sea
So we could meet here to be in sync.
It’s been the refuge where I went
When with You I needed time alone
The quiet place to be the storm’s escape.

To read and meditate on Your Word.
So heart and soul could dance in step
Thank You dear Father up above
For understanding this special need,
For not thinking it absurd.

May Thanksgiving come more often to this place
My life be Thanks Living for You
My Perfect Father up above.
Speak to my heart this morning
As I humbly seek to run my race.

Thanksgiving should be woven out and in
Gratitude should burst forth singing
If we truly serve God in gratefulness
Then Thanksgiving isn’t merely a holiday
It has become our faith we live in.

May God bless you this Thanksgiving.
d.f.a.v. 11/4/14

Hearts Gratitude


Let the heavens ring with majesty
Let all knees bow and souls ring loyalty,
Let mankind give his best for God,
In testing winds until He nods.

May gratitude be Heaven sent
May God’s love sweep away Satan’s torment,
May grace abound where hope abides
And wash away the muck of sins tides.

Let gratitude increase with time
Let no one live for self sublime
Let every blessing big and small
Intertwine our hearts in Jesus call.

May my heart lift in gratitude
May my lips rejoice with Heaven’s food.
May today You help me praise my King
For throughout history truth must ring.

Let me not forget reality’s frosts
Let me recall Christ paid the cost
Let me breath in salvation free
Fill me with thanks repeatedly.

May the blessings be in my gratitude
For forgiveness, family, all we hold true.
Early morning coffee as the sun does rise,
Give way to times of honesty so much the prize.

Thank you Lord for who You are
A God up close and never far,
Guide me toward my Heavenly port
Release me now from debtors court.
              d.f.a.v. 11/3/14