Cottage by the Sea – Thanksgiving


Abba Father,

I’m thankful for so many things
From my heart Cottage by the Sea
Today as I take life’s inventory
These make gratitude within me sing…

Our God whose Spirit in me dwells
Whose Word has instructed through the years
A loving God who saves my tears
For who the ocean waves toss and swell.

Love invisible to the worldly eye
That keeps no record of wrongs
That in patience and humility stays strong
A love designed for joys and sighs.

The preciousness of family near
Of births and growth and dying too
Laughter at the memories time pursues
Of the bittersweet recall of cheer and tears.

A quiet, kindred church support
United in mission for God above
Wrapped in the cloak of His uniting love
Our faith in God designed rapport.

Sunrises on mornings after nights I’ve wept
A perfect cup of coffee to warm my hands
As the sun runs down like time’s sands
Sunsets replaced by night skirts swept.

A bird in flight, a horse at gallop
Children at play beneath shady trees
The pollen gathering of bumble bees
Bright red balloons going up, up, up.

A brook of chilly but clear flowing water
The crunch of fallen crimson leaves
A sure assurance of what I believe
The gift of wisdom from a God much smarter.

Today has its aches and chronic pain
My eyes see much I cannot do
But finding love from God so true
Sends my soul to soar with no restrain.

A few moments to tell You Lord, thank You
For the gift of Jesus for my sin
Who by rising from the grave a new day begins
Fulfillment of a promise kept and true.

Thank You for these sandy shores
This heart Cottage by the Sea
Where we meet so regularly
A fore glimpse of Heaven forever more.
                             d.f.a.v.  11/25/14
Father, I thank You,

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