Is it Arrogance?

If God, in His mercy waits,
If He carries out His plan
That everyone would have the chance
To know Him…
Really know Him…
With their whole heart…whole mind…whole strength.
Who am I to puff out my pride
Declaring God is unfair?

He never promised life would be fair.

Did I speak the universe into being?
With my hands did I mold my image
And breathe life into lungs?
Did I design…
From man’s ribs, woman…
Then where did God begin
Consulting with the created?

He never said He was at our beck and call.

If God allows mankind free will,
If He tells us straight up the consequences
Of the sins we continue on doing,
Nothing unclear…
Nothing not absolute…
If He’s told us…warned us…laid it on the line…
Then where do I, a sinner saved by grace
Begin to imagine I am in control?

Can I control my own self, much less someone else?

Is it anything more than arrogance?
Anything less than illusions of grandeur
That opens my mouth to question God’s timing,
Or His wisdom…
Or His methods…
Or His fairness…His abilities…His love…
Really, where do I get off
Trying to tell God, the I Am, what He should do?

Let me express my love, devotion, and gratitude…
And leave the arrogance at home.
               d.f.a.v.   11/20/14

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