Because You and I are Here


“When did God change?” She said.
“When did He divorce Himself from mankind?
God no longer hears our pleas.
His children are begging for bread.
Are pleading for healing.
And God stands far off, head turned, silent.”

“I understand your point,” I reply.
“But you have no proof God divorced us.
He does hear our pleas and He answers.
When did man stop being God’s hands?
Stop giving to those in need?
Start standing there, judging God guilty of indifference?”

“No, you don’t get it,” she said.
“God sent manna and quail now He shuts the heavens.
He touched people or spoke healing into them.
He said He wants to give us good gifts yet,
God taunts us with the successes of the wicked.
No, God of Abraham and Peter has left us.
How can anything else be determined?”

“Because God carries us,” I replied.
“Carries us through storms, troubles of this world.
He calls His people to meet needs of one another.
He heals miraculously, through knowledge He allowed man,
And sometimes by bringing us home.
If you see a hungry person do you feed them?
Are you His heart, hands and feet?”

“Finally,” I speak gently to her,
“God hasn’t divorced us, or left us to suffer alone.
The proof is in your questions.
The answer in the fact you and I
Are still here, still capable of being God’s representative
To the hurting, the tired, the frightened.
God is here because you and I are here.”
                d.f.a.v.  11/19/14

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