Artifical Sweeteners


Wigs, toupees, extensions and weaves
Artificial nails, plastic surgeon tricks of the trade
Push-up bras also adorned to deceive
Corsets and laces, lifts and fashion crazes.

Flirts, tweets, computers behind which to hide
Were we ever told you’re okay being who you are?
Women and men, truth at their side
When did eye candy become what sets the bar?

Women once taught to hide their brains
Men who knew it all not knowing a thing,
Demure and timid ’til the wedding ring
A gentleman in public but the scoundrel king.

Few have been honest down through the years
For none wants to feel unloved without care
So we plot and we alter how we appear
But One sees us all along as we are.

For God looks upon the heart
He’ll tell you looking your best is not a crime,
But are you yourself or the actress in the part?
When do you step up into real time?

Trickery, plotting and make-believe takes a toll
With these a true love match can’t be made,
We are who we are deep in our souls
Can you hear what’s there before you fade?

Family, friends, marriage, our kids
Each relationship a foundation on which to build,
Is honesty then not the very best bid,
The best seeds to sow in these fields?

Sugar or artificial sweeteners for you
What, which or who will you choose?
When the results are in its what you do
You decide which you will pursue.
                     d.f.a.v.   11/17/14

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