From the Cottage by the Sea 11/14/14 at 2:39 a.m.


Abba Father;
Read a line in a devotional Lord
“my acknowledgement of my need for You is a”profound strength”.
During days I cling to You without ceasing
I see myself as weak…broken…frail
Yet, You tell me I’m wrong.
That merely admitting I need You produces a sweet song.

I’m also reminded You reign Supreme with no aid from me
Everywhere in everything You’re there in Sovereignty
It’s hard when I lose my way
Because I take my eyes from You
Focusing on the path and not You.

Surrendering myself with absoluteness
Truly turning each burden over
What could a God supreme in sovereignty accomplish?
Will I ever know You perfectly?
Will I see a time I surrender all
And don’t take it back again because I fall?

Such a life wholly given to You
Will it ever be possible for me?
Everytime I falter lift me up, Lord.
When the cup is bitter and darkness surrounds
Lift the cup to my lips and may morning bloom
With You making note I have not gone.
d.f.a.v. 11 / 1 3/14

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