From the Cottage by the Sea – Lost Holiday

Abba Father:
Of all man’s made-up holidays
I’ve sort of felt sorry for Thanksgiving
With all the attention of Halloween
Then around the corner Christmas
Poor Thanksgiving gets pushed away.

Add to the mix in these modern years
Black Friday which often starts on Thursday
Football games and round-the-clock shopping
Plus attention on the feast to be devoured.
Tensions and indulgences as the day appears.

This year Lord, I pause and think
Of this Cottage in my Heart
The one we built to accommodate
My focus so I could see
You won’t let me drown or sink.

A simple stone Cottage by the Sea
So we could meet here to be in sync.
It’s been the refuge where I went
When with You I needed time alone
The quiet place to be the storm’s escape.

To read and meditate on Your Word.
So heart and soul could dance in step
Thank You dear Father up above
For understanding this special need,
For not thinking it absurd.

May Thanksgiving come more often to this place
My life be Thanks Living for You
My Perfect Father up above.
Speak to my heart this morning
As I humbly seek to run my race.

Thanksgiving should be woven out and in
Gratitude should burst forth singing
If we truly serve God in gratefulness
Then Thanksgiving isn’t merely a holiday
It has become our faith we live in.

May God bless you this Thanksgiving.
d.f.a.v. 11/4/14

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