Hearts Gratitude


Let the heavens ring with majesty
Let all knees bow and souls ring loyalty,
Let mankind give his best for God,
In testing winds until He nods.

May gratitude be Heaven sent
May God’s love sweep away Satan’s torment,
May grace abound where hope abides
And wash away the muck of sins tides.

Let gratitude increase with time
Let no one live for self sublime
Let every blessing big and small
Intertwine our hearts in Jesus call.

May my heart lift in gratitude
May my lips rejoice with Heaven’s food.
May today You help me praise my King
For throughout history truth must ring.

Let me not forget reality’s frosts
Let me recall Christ paid the cost
Let me breath in salvation free
Fill me with thanks repeatedly.

May the blessings be in my gratitude
For forgiveness, family, all we hold true.
Early morning coffee as the sun does rise,
Give way to times of honesty so much the prize.

Thank you Lord for who You are
A God up close and never far,
Guide me toward my Heavenly port
Release me now from debtors court.
              d.f.a.v. 11/3/14


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