Worship, God’s Way


Yesterday after my family went to church I wrote this poem about worship.  I was unhappy to be left behind while they went.  I wanted to go too…

It’s Sunday, Lord
The day set aside to rest
A day set aside for corporate worship.
A thought flips my disappointment
At being left behind again–
Doesn’t Your Word say,
On the seventh day You rested?
Isn’t Your instruction
To remember the Sabbath and keep it holy?
Where did You say
Worship You only on this day?
Worship is a daily
Moment by moment experience
It is not confined to a day
Or to a place
Or to occur only within a body of believers…
You tell us not to forsake
Assembling ourselves together…
We gain strength from
Drawing together to focus on
Hearing Your Word.,
Your message to us through Your servants.
But no where is it limited to
Just the Sabbath or Sunday.
How amazing how much better
I feel being unable to go to worship.
I can worship here with You,
Your Word can be read
Your hymns can be sung
Your Spirit can intertwine with mine
Another gift of Calvary
And the empty tomb
And You…
             d.f.a.v. 11/1/14

After I wrote this poem I went ahead to have a worship time of my own.  Opening my new devotional, given to me by a dear friend recently, the title on the devotion next for me?  Worship.   God cares about every aspect of our lives and plans to meet our needs BEFORE we even ask.


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