Autumn Window


The old stone wall stood tall
One of four a home that was
It’s history gives the passer – by
A quiet, gentle, insistent call
“Come home! Come home!”

The roof long gone decades ago
Weather and wear still hardly show
It promises passage to another land
It draws you, calls you, don’t say no,
“Come home! Come home! ”

The questions in your heart rise
Why abandoned does this place be?
It’s stone foundation and walls
Having withstood the winds and sorrows cries.
View through arched window, “Come home”.

The window ledge by breeze swept clean
You lean against it, peer through the canopy
Of crimson leaves a lacy veil
The peaceful treasure gold, bronze, orange is seen
To see this autumn window view “Come home.”

The air invigorates the windows view
Your feet now stand where others stood
Someone who built a home to last
Of them now these walls your only clue,
“Come home each season see them pass.”

The house has stood a test of time
Though roof is gone and none live here still
The window it’s sights longs to share
Seasons passage views so often fine,
You hear the call, “Come home! Stay home!”
                  d.f.a.v. 10/22/14

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