Cottage by the Sea 10/17/14


Abba Father,
High tide leaves it’s mark
Respectfully I wheel myself close
Eyes scanning in the dark
Winds strong and wild add their dose.
Water surges hungry for my chair
Rain goes from stream to pound
Salty spray infuses the air
Once I was lost now I’m found.
Purple – white lightening streaks the skies
Dark clouds cover up the moon
Tears flow from my eyes
Full force storm will be here soon.
I need to be right where I am
Though dangerous I am aware
Any second the storm could slam
Logic questions this unwise dare
I can’t leave there is no way
Within me I know I need to do this
You’ve out there God night and day
You’re here in this storm’s hard kiss.
Blow away my fears and doubt
Scrub away my selfishness
Strike so excuses are burned out
Let no chains of Satan be missed.
Throw your storm at my heart
Pound and scrub till spotless clean
Then help me Lord to do my part
To trust You for all this means.
              d.f.a.v. 10/17/14

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