The reveal is coming the post read
And this beautiful woman earlier had said
I’m not quite sure yet of everything
But God has told me to shave my head.
I’m to keep it shaved for three and one half years
She was humble in her stature her eyes held tears
Her voice was shaking with every word
God was with her to calm her fears.
A beautiful person with a compassionate heart
Surrendering herself to complete her part
Of a larger picture still not quite known
And Evil will mock her and throw his darts.
You could tell from her partial reveal
This wasn’t a joke it was very real
God had asked her to make herself bald
Would such obedience be mine or would mine fail?
Then like lightening across the sky
His message flashed and before my eyes
God reminded me every day He asked
Surrender yourself to me let your faith thrive!
My dear sister in Christ sets an example I see
To heed God’s voice and decrees
Obeying with a child – like faith
Even those things requiring a sacrifice of me.
Would I shave my head like my sister will do?
Would you sacrifice something of high value to you?
If He asked us to give away all we have
Or mark ourselves for public ridicule?
It’s not what God sets before us as our task
But rather the obedience of what He asks
Our willingness, faith, our love for Him
These things assure our testimonies will last.
               d.f.a.v. 10/15/14

2 thoughts on “Obedience

  1. Wow, a powerful question. How much of myself am I willing to fully surrender to my Lord? Have I allowed him to truly be Lord over my life? Thanks for bringing up these hard questions.


    • I realized as a person disabled and rarely outside my home shaving my head wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice. Who would see me? BUT God could ask me to give up any number of things that would equally be as great a sacrifice. So it really is personal obedience. Thanks for reading & responding. –Donna


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