Crops in the Heart

Where crops of bitterness exist Lord,
Burn them down!
Let the flames illuminate
My envy, jealousy, lust, pride
Burn this crop so I cannot hide
Then give me tools and strength
To dig the roots from the ground.

Where a field of anger waves it’s fists
Still them with a mighty storm!
Let the thunder make them quake
Reminding them violence has its price
Hail and rain beat back their slice
Let the storm prove Your way
So the field of anger goes away
A fields heart is now reborn.

Through out the fields You’ve entrusted me
Rid them of weeds of discontent
Rip each one from the earth
Pull out roots which have no worth
Even if the ground with blood does run
Wash it clean when work is done
Sow it then with seeds of encouragement.

The crop You want from with my heart
Be the gardener!
Till the soil, plant the seeds
Nourish with gentle rain and sunny rays
For bountiful harvests to reap one day.
Prune away the pieces stunting growth
Pull up the weeds, plants and roots both,
So these heart fields produce for Your needs.
d.f.a.v. 10/14/14

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