Plastic Life


Photographs get edited
Models perfected by airbrush,
Even a perfect sunset gets aided
By color tinting and shading
Is nothing what it appears to be?

Green screens and computer generated images
It looks so real you’re sure it is
Pleasant things and horrid damages
Fake degrees and family history’s
Is anyone who they claim to be?

Artificial sweeteners, flavors and more
Tastes like butter but its not
Enhanced food colors with unnatural dyes
Even organic can be faked and scored
Nothing seems to be what it is these days.

Plastic people with surgeon given faces
Weaves, extensions, toupees and plugs
Do we truly remember the human race?
Or edited versions of who we were
When did reality become such a bore?

But one thing is still real every day
God is the same forever more
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way
Man can try to distort who God is
But He’ll stand the test of time.

When every knee will bend
And every tongue confess
When the heart of each of us is spent
It will be Jesus who seeks our name
In the Book of Life where nothing is faked.
d.f.a.v. 9/30/14

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