From the Cottage by the Sea

Abba Father;
You are the God Jehovah
The Lord of all that is
In the woven plaits of all time
You are their God and You’re mine.
Your will is done in Heaven
Without question or concern
That’s how it should be here
If this truth we held so dear.
I’ve come again to the Sea
Where our cottage waits for hope
l stare out over sand and high tide
The ocean dark a forbidding ride,
I long to push myself right in
Feel the waves pull me fast
Until I mount the largest wave
Do You understand what I need You to save?
Rescue me from my own self
The good I know and do not do
The times pride stands in my way
From truly trusting You each day.
So far from perfect I truly am,
How can I trust my heart to know?
When God is good for I am not
But trust in Him is all I’ve got.
The waves crash in foam and spray
I’ll stand by You Lord night and day.
Forgive me Lord for failing along the way.
d.f.a.v. 9/28/14

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