The Answer is Only in You


How does one find answers
To questions they don’t know how to ask?
How does one keep plugging along
If they’re so unsure of the task?

Why does one fumble the ball
When they’re unaware of the game?
Why does the world close in
When one is so unsure of their name?

When will discouragement end
And one’s heart flood with hope itself?
When will one understand You
If one thinks only of themselves?

Where does one turn for help
When doors slamming is all one hears?
Where is it You’re leading one
When one’s heart is so full of fear?

Why do You put up with us?
For others are stronger, braver and true.
Why does one disappoint again
If one believes they seek only You?

What keeps You sheltering us
When the storms are passing overhead?
What evokes Your mercies
When “giving up” is all one has said?

The solution is direct and simple
With all this one can trust only You.
When the world spins away
It is certain, the answer is only in You.
             d.f.a.v. 9/22/14

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