Daughter, on Turning Thirteen

Dear Daughter;
Would be so nice to tell you
That life will always be kind
If you do this or if you do that
But life has its own thing in mind.

Heart breakers don’t have “a look”
A road may not take you where you want to go
Sometimes every seemingly right turns wrong
While the least expected one may love you so.

Why learning to find square roots is necessary
Or best friends have to move away
The direction to go isn’t easily determined
Or how to avoid “horrible, rotten, no good days”.

All the answers, cautions, warnings
Won’t prevent you from mistakes and consequences
But God will be with you every step
He will be by you, a friend forever relentless.

Life can be messy Daughter, and sweet
Learn to trust God within you to see
That some heartaches can be avoided if you do
Other things, like square roots, just have to be.
                  D.f.a.v. 9/17/14
a.k.a.:  Mama

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