Conversation With God

“Lord, I love You”
I said with gusto.
“Lead me to serve You,
To follow You wherever You go..”

“Go and feed my sheep,
Feed their souls
Though you lose sleep
My story must be told.”
For a moment I’m stunned
How can I do anymore?
Has He forgotten I’m limited
There aren’t many doors?

Knowing my thoughts God replied
“My child you’ve given up
You see only what closed
Open Your eyes, sip from My cup.

Take what you see as little
And give it Your absolute best
Use words to craft and whittle
So others I can bless.”

The truth wasn’t easy to hear
Though I had bowed my head
Though God was near
I forgot the power in what is read.

“Lord, I love You”
I said with conviction
“Whatever You need me to do
I’ll set course through my depression. ”

As our conversation closed
I realized this fact
Our God uses the broken
For He values truth over act.

Open your ears and eyes
Read with your heart
God is so great there is no disguise
He is life’s sanctuary part.

Acknowledge within your soul
All  the questions you secretly store
Make letting God answer your goal
Trust in Him He will open your doors.
             d.f.a.v. 9/16/17

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