Thankful for so many things

Sadly I’ve taken for granted

Until without those very things

My eyes opened to my callousness

That kept my heart from seeing.


Things so present I’ve forgotten

What a blessing they truly are

Even when it seems all is rotten

Air to breath even if I struggle

Life to live through ups and downs.


Thankful for so many things

Quiet time in prayer and thought

Love symbolized by a wedding ring

Work we’ve done to keep it there

Because “divorce is not an option”.


Thankful for each little thing

That opens me to challenges

Because they mean life is still going

Water, sun and fuel that lets

The seeds and plants keep growing.


Thankful Lord for this reminder

That even with its struggles

Life can be found in details finer

Than wealth, beauty and perfect lives

It’s the hearts treasures that matter.

        d.f.a.v. 9/15/14


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