Restaurant Life

If life were a restaurant

Could we dine á la carte?

Would we receive menus

To choose as we like?

Not very hungry to experience it all

Could we order an appetizer?

A few small experiences

Without truly committing or

Awaken a hunger for more?

Or is life something lived

Without fears or tears?

Can we choose easy paths only

Or to prove ourselves tough?

To live life in poverty or in wealth?

To always have poor or good health?

Can we choose our ancestors?

Or exchange our DNA?

Choose to start simple

Or in any way we would like?

Can we decide on the way

Life will test us or leave us alone?

Or the tests, dates, or courses?

In silence or song?

Is there a list of sides

From which we can choose?

Do we get to pick one or two?

Here would we have opportunity

To be bold or be safe?

Spicy or hot down to mild?

To know what’s behind

Choice one, two or three?

Will the chef be to our liking

Will they be professionally trained?

Or someone to who

It’s only a job?

The ingredients will they be fresh?

Or will we wonder about the dish?

Can we order the destination

Where each choice will lead us

The mountains to climb or

Or the valley’s situations?

Life’s not without choices

We can choose wisely or rash.

Much about life can’t be decided

Or bought regardless of cash.

Sure some things we can choose

But some things we can’t

One thing for certain

There are results we can’t pick.

Consequences or the after effects

But one thing we can choose

And that is to say yes to Christ

Then we can choose everyday

To let Him set the course

And know with His picks

Even the most dismal of meals

He can make brilliant in time

From the worst of the worst.

    d.f.a.v. 9/8/14


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