Now I Know

When do I know Lord
The reason You’ve given me
These talents?
These gifts?
Pictures drawn
Paintings painted
Poems written
What good are they
Unseen, unread?
Why create in me
These desires to create
And no audience?
Let it be enough Lord
To create for You
My audience for one
Let them be expressions
Of my love and worship
Of my desire to please You.
Now, I know the purpose
Of my gifts
                   – d.f.a.v.  9/2/14

2 thoughts on “Now I Know

  1. As you’re faithful to write, paint, and create for Him, He will guide you to the people who need to be touched by your works as well as lead those people to you. I sense that many people will be touched, ministered to and healed through your work. Be encouraged, my friend. God will use you to bless many through your gifts. ❤


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