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…and You are silent…

The needs are great Lord

In each individual life

    The challenges insurmountable

    The needs beyond sustainable

You are our only hope

    And You are silent


You have turned Your face

Far away from us

    And we suffer day and night

    Pain in our very souls.


The needs are great Lord

In our lives as human beings

    The cruel ways we treat each other

    The sheer meanness in one to another

You are our only hope

    And You are silent


You have turned Your face

Far away from us

    And it seems You enjoy our pain

    Want our souls ripped into.


My needs are great Lord

I cannot fathom their depths

    Simple day-to-day life has broken me

    My heart shredded by powers that be

You are my only hope

    And You are silent


You have turned Your face

Far away from me

    And I suffer day and night

    At Your will and allowance.


My sins are great Lord

But they are not unconfessed

    My punishment not deferred

    My consequences not unpaid

You have and are my only hope

    Why are You so silent?

    So distant?

What joy have You on Your face

Turned far away from me?

    What glory comes to You

    In my souls pain day and night?

        d.f.a.v. 8/11/14



Another One Lord

Another one Lord.

Another one covered in cuts

All stages of bruising

Crusted over with filth



Hair matted…

Eyes widened in surprise…

Haunted by memories

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one covered in burns

Almost sixty percent

Oozing and infected



Voice silenced…

Eyes haunted by horrors…

Afraid of rescue

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one’s head hung down

Always hearing they’re worthless

They are a burden by living




Locked away inside themselves…

Beaten by words echoing

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one locked in a cage

Another one forgotten

Whereabouts unquestioned




Afraid of kind human touch…

Shattered by violence

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one shaken

Anger aimed and received

For a whimper a cry




Unable to respond anymore…

Head smashed neck broken

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one defiant

Amazed they are charged

Denial of there being any abuse




Surely the court can understand…

They themselves abused

No one can ever know.


Another one Lord

Another one for You

A mess of wickedness

Or mental illness or addiction

Can’t explain…

Doesn’t understand…

Control gone…

Their crime unintentional…

Pressured they snapped

Only You can know.


Another one Lord

Another one for You to judge

Regardless of man’s decision

Despite any legal mumbo jumbo




They will stand before You…

As will we all

Only You can know.


Another one Lord

Another one who will bow

Trembling in Your presence

Mankind’s thoughts and laws



Not needed…

They will hear from You…

All of us not to hear

Your judgment for child abusers.

    d.f.a.v. 8/8/14



When I Get to Heaven


When I get to Heaven
My time on earth has ceased
I won’t be coming back
In this life I’ll be deceased.
Once I see the face of Jesus
Through my veil of tears
Toured this new paradise
I won’t again know fear.
Should I on my death bed linger
Once I see the light before me
Toward it I will willingly go
For Jesus is who I long to see.
Once I get to Heaven
I will not willingly return
But do not weep for me
Or express your deep concern.
After meeting with Jesus
There’s so many left to greet
Family and friends gone before
A lifetime still to meet.
Heaven’s sounding sweeter
The older here I grow
I’ve come to learn that here
Is but a temporary abode.
When I get to Heaven
I won’t be turning back
My soul will be at home
No, I won’t be coming back.
                 d.f.a.v. 8/7/14

Who Sees You?


I see you

Though you hide

Though you try

To be invisible

I see you.


I see you

Please understand

Please see my hand

Help is visible

If you choose.


I see you

And your danger

And it’s no stranger

Seeking divisible

Parts of you.


I see you

God sees you too

God reaches for you

His strength invincible

If Him you choose.

    d.f.a.v. 8/5/14


From the Cottage by the Sea 8/4/14


Before the sun had risen

Over the mass expanse of sea

There came upon my door

An insistent rapping…

One, two, three, pause

One, two, three.


When I’d wheeled myself over

Peering out into the dark

There stood a figure huddled

And I could clearly see…

Tears drop, drop, drop, pause

Tears drop, drop, leave a mark.


She came right in the door

Clearly tousled by the wind

Sand upon her sneakers

Tears still pouring…

Mourning, mourning, mourning

Mourning, sorrows she must mend?


Over cups of steaming coffee

Her story is tearfully told

A woman deeply wounded

Scars still fresh…

Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding

Bleeding, her story must unfold.


She asks about this cottage

Why I have built it here

When clearly there’s a limit

To how I can enjoy…

The beach, the beach, the beach

The beach, so far and yet so near.


I tell her about this special place

My heart’s cottage by the sea

Pointing out I come to pray

And that within in lays…

My secret room, room, room

The room, housing parts of me.


Then I explain my concept

Of a house within my heart

Where I meet with Jesus

A simple cottage by the sea…

For prayer, worship, prayer

Jesus works upon my heart.


Her tears have stopped at last

Her heart lit by God’s hope

She can find her way

We can all find a way…

Prayer, worship, prayer

Worship, God our way to cope.

        d.f.a.v. 8/4/14


Who Began the Masking?


Who is responsible for this trait?

The one of masking how we feel?

Of hiding our hurts and our sorrows,

Of our public person being unreal?


Adam and Eve hid from God in Eden

They thought He wouldn’t know their sin

He saw through their charade before it began

Is this moment when the masks did begin?


Was it Adam in the very beginning?

Did Cain hear, “Don’t let Abel know”?

Or Eve perhaps in childbirth hear,

“Shh…your howls upset the boys so”?


We know Rebekah advised Jacob

To fool his father to bless him not his brother

And to this day their descents live lives

Always at war never at peace with each other.


Who decided that we wouldn’t share

Our humanness to those around us,

We’d hide our struggles, our pains,

Behind masks so truth won’t betray us?


I’ve discovered when that mask falls,

When the heart is exposed in its messiness

People are amazed at human strength

When God’s invited to display His radiance.


Are our masks different than deceit and lies?

Does God accept the fine hair like division?

Or is that the excuse we’ve needed these years,

To hide who we are from all other’s vision?


How can we know one another in truth,

If we all wear masks and hide our journeys?

Is this how God designed us to live?

Or should we show how He is hold the keys?


Is our greatest witness not our lives?

Ones we live trusting Him no matter the sorrow?

Lives that read so He is revealed all the time

To be the One in who we trust our tomorrows?


Sure, whoever first said, “Son, men don’t cry”,

Or “Daughter, don’t show your intelligence”,

They meant well, they wanted much for their child

But did somehow they fail in their hyper vigilance?

        d.f.a.v. 8/3/14


Just something to ponder,



This is What’s Important

Sometimes you see
From the vantage point
Of your journey
That the journey isn’t about you–
It’s about the people
You encounter along the way.

It’s not about your burdens
Or your needs or sorrows
It hasn’t a thing to do with
Your hurts, your pains, your ego
Tunnel vision
Can destroy gratitude.

You realize with clarity
It’s about people
Their comforts, needs, sorrows
Being God’s instrument
To make their journeys
Point solely to their Savior.

This is what binds you
Wraps you in the blankets
Of life and living and God’s love
Keeps you going on
It’s the steps we walk together
That are what makes the difference.

God wants us in His love
Walking in His mercy
That happens when we reach
Beyond ourselves to others
To be His hands and feet
In a world where its me, me, me.

Life’s about people
And our being God’s word
They read everyday in our living
It’s about people seeing Him
In us as we interact with them
And our gratitude for the journey.
D.f.a.v. 8/1/14