I Found God Today

Searched for You today
Your Spirit told me You were in Your Word
Ancient literature? Yes and no but more
The history of a Chosen People
And the record of we grafted in
By the blood of Christ.

Searched for You today
There You were during prayer
No formula. Simple talk with You.
A conversation between Father and daughter
And the awareness You are
But always a simple prayer away.

Searched for You today.
You peeked out at me from of all places
The stack of mail and one envelope
Reminder You are the Lord who will provide.
Thank You for providing
Thank You for being there.

Searched for You today
There You were in small comforts
A warm drink, my daughter’s smile
The comfort of my husband’s arms
The peace in the Scriptures
The fullness of You in Your time.
         D.f.a.v.   8/29/14


3 thoughts on “I Found God Today

  1. I believe God is with us. I was stationed in Honduras. Three hard core and grumpy Black women Sgt. drove me nuts. One day they came to me and asked would I drive them downtown every Sundays. I wanted to say no. I told them okay. I picked them up on Sunday. They had food, clothing and toys. I took them to a orphanage for homeless kids ran by the Catholic church. I learn respect for them and I learn. Never judge a book by its cover. These strong woman became soft and sweet for the kids. I liked the saying on a statue in Monterey. Blessed is a man who bend down to the child and listen and have concern for the children.


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