Catching Mama Up


God blessed us with you, a godly mother
I’d never trade you for any other.
When you left us here on earth
Grief was then painfully birthed.
It’s been fifteen years now without you
Hard to believe life kept going then and now too.
Your Angel Boy Alex, how he thrives
Still our miracle he fights to survive.
Kimberly’s married to Scott with two kids of their own.
Shayna ‘ s seventeen our sunshine ’round home.
Cliff ‘s doing well with degrees galore
Debbie his wife so sweet, his support forevermore.
Deborah and Shane paramedics and firemen
Blessed with careers so suited for them.
Chris and I have a daughter too
I regret she never got to meet you.
Gene remarried but now he’s gone too
Ten years, six months from the day you flew.
Others too passed through deaths veil
Aunt Reba, Granny, Brenda, Uncle Calvin & Robert as well.
Cake decorating, oh, how its changed!
Electronic technology has come to reign.
As for your oldest, me, I’m hanging on today
Wish I could hear from you I’m doing okay.
There’s solace for me in my heart
That you’re with Jesus though we’re apart.
One day it’ll be my turn to go
The peace I have I pray our daughter then knows.
Until the day we again see eye-to-eye
I’ll keep hanging onto you and keep saying goodbye.

I love you Mama.
Shirley Fay Bishop Allred
January 1945 to August 20, 1999
              D.f.a.v. 8-20-14

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