In Gratitude I Come to Pray

In gratitude I come to pray
There cannot be any other way.
For easy to list are the wrongs
Those irritants that steal our song.
But in the midst of troubled steps
To cling to You saves from deeper depths.
Stay with me, please, my Friend
Our fellowship, it cannot end.
I’m thankful for each blessing You
Have shared to hold me fast and true.
Let each thought and word be right
In great love let me seek Your light.
Thank You Lord for each circumstance
That strengths me to go the distance
Without You Lord and the love You give
I could not thank You for this life I live.
And for my life, challenges and all
I thank You Lord even when I fall
For You stay true through everything
It’s You in who I find hope to sing.
In gratitude I come to pray
For in You and You alone I find my way.
               d.f.a.v. 8-19-14

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