Why is it, Lord?

Dedicated to those who suffer from diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness.

The famous and the non-famous, regardless of gender, race or any other label.

Those who turn their hurt to make humor to make the world a happier places.

The ones whose hurt we see and can do nothing about.

Those who remind us that, but, “By the grace of God I am what I am…” (1 Corinthians 15:10)


Why is it Lord

That when it comes to mental illness

People still act like ostrich’s with their heads in the sand

More willing to ignore or judge than lend a hand?

If they think it’s scary

To witness someone trapped in depression

Can they not imagine for one small minute or two

The fright the person themselves go through?

Is it the fine line?

Between being one whole person

And being fragmented into more than one “me”

Never knowing which me you will wake to be?

Or the lack of control

With feeling incapable of small things

Like breathing or eating or taking a bath

Much less the larger tasks of new paths?

Why do they see weakness?

Instead of the incredible strength God gives

To keep you from giving up on feeling capable

To get through the darkness because He is able?

Why Lord the arrogance

That it will never be “my” problem

It can only be in someone else’s family or home

Never in your family or in you perhaps alone?

Through history God

Man has been cruel to those

Who are suffering already beyond words description?

Making admittance impossible for the situation?

Why Lord, even the famous

Suffer in silence behind humor and sarcasm

Oh the ones who make us laugh the hardest

Often cry because their hurts are the sharpest.

        d.f.a.v. 8/12/14


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