When I Get to Heaven


When I get to Heaven
My time on earth has ceased
I won’t be coming back
In this life I’ll be deceased.
Once I see the face of Jesus
Through my veil of tears
Toured this new paradise
I won’t again know fear.
Should I on my death bed linger
Once I see the light before me
Toward it I will willingly go
For Jesus is who I long to see.
Once I get to Heaven
I will not willingly return
But do not weep for me
Or express your deep concern.
After meeting with Jesus
There’s so many left to greet
Family and friends gone before
A lifetime still to meet.
Heaven’s sounding sweeter
The older here I grow
I’ve come to learn that here
Is but a temporary abode.
When I get to Heaven
I won’t be turning back
My soul will be at home
No, I won’t be coming back.
                 d.f.a.v. 8/7/14

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