From the Cottage by the Sea 8/4/14


Before the sun had risen

Over the mass expanse of sea

There came upon my door

An insistent rapping…

One, two, three, pause

One, two, three.


When I’d wheeled myself over

Peering out into the dark

There stood a figure huddled

And I could clearly see…

Tears drop, drop, drop, pause

Tears drop, drop, leave a mark.


She came right in the door

Clearly tousled by the wind

Sand upon her sneakers

Tears still pouring…

Mourning, mourning, mourning

Mourning, sorrows she must mend?


Over cups of steaming coffee

Her story is tearfully told

A woman deeply wounded

Scars still fresh…

Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding

Bleeding, her story must unfold.


She asks about this cottage

Why I have built it here

When clearly there’s a limit

To how I can enjoy…

The beach, the beach, the beach

The beach, so far and yet so near.


I tell her about this special place

My heart’s cottage by the sea

Pointing out I come to pray

And that within in lays…

My secret room, room, room

The room, housing parts of me.


Then I explain my concept

Of a house within my heart

Where I meet with Jesus

A simple cottage by the sea…

For prayer, worship, prayer

Jesus works upon my heart.


Her tears have stopped at last

Her heart lit by God’s hope

She can find her way

We can all find a way…

Prayer, worship, prayer

Worship, God our way to cope.

        d.f.a.v. 8/4/14


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