Who Began the Masking?


Who is responsible for this trait?

The one of masking how we feel?

Of hiding our hurts and our sorrows,

Of our public person being unreal?


Adam and Eve hid from God in Eden

They thought He wouldn’t know their sin

He saw through their charade before it began

Is this moment when the masks did begin?


Was it Adam in the very beginning?

Did Cain hear, “Don’t let Abel know”?

Or Eve perhaps in childbirth hear,

“Shh…your howls upset the boys so”?


We know Rebekah advised Jacob

To fool his father to bless him not his brother

And to this day their descents live lives

Always at war never at peace with each other.


Who decided that we wouldn’t share

Our humanness to those around us,

We’d hide our struggles, our pains,

Behind masks so truth won’t betray us?


I’ve discovered when that mask falls,

When the heart is exposed in its messiness

People are amazed at human strength

When God’s invited to display His radiance.


Are our masks different than deceit and lies?

Does God accept the fine hair like division?

Or is that the excuse we’ve needed these years,

To hide who we are from all other’s vision?


How can we know one another in truth,

If we all wear masks and hide our journeys?

Is this how God designed us to live?

Or should we show how He is hold the keys?


Is our greatest witness not our lives?

Ones we live trusting Him no matter the sorrow?

Lives that read so He is revealed all the time

To be the One in who we trust our tomorrows?


Sure, whoever first said, “Son, men don’t cry”,

Or “Daughter, don’t show your intelligence”,

They meant well, they wanted much for their child

But did somehow they fail in their hyper vigilance?

        d.f.a.v. 8/3/14


Just something to ponder,



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