This is What’s Important

Sometimes you see
From the vantage point
Of your journey
That the journey isn’t about you–
It’s about the people
You encounter along the way.

It’s not about your burdens
Or your needs or sorrows
It hasn’t a thing to do with
Your hurts, your pains, your ego
Tunnel vision
Can destroy gratitude.

You realize with clarity
It’s about people
Their comforts, needs, sorrows
Being God’s instrument
To make their journeys
Point solely to their Savior.

This is what binds you
Wraps you in the blankets
Of life and living and God’s love
Keeps you going on
It’s the steps we walk together
That are what makes the difference.

God wants us in His love
Walking in His mercy
That happens when we reach
Beyond ourselves to others
To be His hands and feet
In a world where its me, me, me.

Life’s about people
And our being God’s word
They read everyday in our living
It’s about people seeing Him
In us as we interact with them
And our gratitude for the journey.
D.f.a.v. 8/1/14

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