Be Grateful


The world’s not perfect, this I know
Anyone alive will tell you it’s so
Yet in this life its the only one we have
Be grateful-
Troubles come, and troubles go each day
Some come again, some move in to stay
Yet here on earth this is what we have
Be grateful-
Parents sometimes, we make mistakes
And sometimes we lack what it takes
Yet so many children parents do not have
Be grateful-
Children too can a bad judgment make
Teenagers be unaware what life takes
Yet many women’s wombs a child can’t have
Be grateful-
Jobs can be hard, bosses mean and rude
Pay can be miserable and you then too
Yet some search for a job and don’t have
Be grateful-
Life can cut you down, make survival hard
It may seem as if lost all your cards
Yet somebody, somewhere is worse off than you
Be grateful-
Gratitude, loyalty, sincerity, truth
All matter to our God who sees you,
Take care of all you find You have
Be grateful.
Count your blessings, count them true
Count them once, then again through
For somebody, somewhere does not have
Be grateful-
God never promised a life of ease
Even when you feel the ocean breeze
But He promised us a life we have
Be grateful-
Be grateful my friends, count it loud
Each silver lining, each reason to be proud
Be grateful for every blessing you have
Be grateful.
d.f.a.v. 7-25-14

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