The Bible



For years the Scriptures have been taught

From pulpits, roadsides, rich and poor abodes

By men who knew freedom, men who were bought

By men with pure motives, men with evil intent.


Down through the centuries Scriptures were heard

There were some who listened, some with deaf ears

Some who believed all, some questioned the Word

Still down through all history the Bible it came.


To great discredit some of the teachings were wrong

When man used the Scripture to further their cause

Twisted, manipulated and piece milled it along

Proof man’s heart can be evil and misuse anything.


The glory, comfort, understanding that rains down

When man sets to teach the truth from the Bible

In every city, by-pass, every village and town

By those who take responsibility for what they teach.


No other document, no other such proof

Has challenged, inspired, revealed, explained

Been misquoted, used, freely given and kept aloof

Than the Holy Bible which is still alive to this day.


Regardless of education, status or wealth

The Scripture can be absorbed by all hearts

Those who are healthy those in ill health

When the Holy Spirit guides the reader along.


Don’t take it lightly, don’t deny its power

The layers of truth in the Scripture found

Hear it, listen, find strength for the hour

For your own salvation take it to heart.

        d.f.a.v. 7/23/14


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