Exalt His Holy Names

Jehovah Jireh – The Lord will Provide*

God Almighty – El Shaddai!

Glory, hallelujah, let it ring

Eli Maclekhi – God My King!

El-Gemuwal – The Lord God of Recompense

I honor You with every sense!

El Hakabodh – The God of Glory

Author, Creator of my story

It is to You Jehovah – I Am who I Am

Exaltation be Your holy name!

Jehovah Tsid Kenu – The Lord our Righteousness

Elohei Chasdi – God of kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

Honor, glory to You El Rai – God seest me

El Bethel – Abide in me

Elohim – True Creator God, Divine, Deity.

Father, Son, Spirit – Glorious Trinity.

                d.f.a.v. 7/22/14


**Names of God from Dr. Tony Evans Praying God’s Names

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