The Piece That’s Missing

A yearning deep within me,
An ache I can’t explain.
If I could only look and see
The source of the pain.
As if a hole existed
Deep within my heart,
The plug’s address is listed
That Jesus is that part.
Life is beauty and ugly
Laughter and bitter tears,
In Him all things can be endured
For His love casts out our fears.
Yet, I cling to the comfortable,
Though I know it is wrong,
Jesus though draws me closer
He sings to me my souls song.
When I ask Christ to enter
In my heart to take His place
Faith in Him lets me see Him
Though I don’t see His face.
Jesus fits the hole exactly
The ache for the missing gone
Thank You Lord for saving me
I no longer face this life alone.
Is there an ache within you?
A yearning you can’t explain?
Then turn right now to Jesus,
You’ll never again be the same.
He is strength for the hour,
Courage for each and every day,
Follow close His teachings
He walks with You every way.
Expect your ordinary living
Christianity is no free pass pill
But to the joys and sorrows
He is grace to cling to if you will.
d.f.a.v. 7-21-14

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