Cottage by the Sea- At the Beginning


Dear God:
Last night I closed and locked the door
You know, THE DOOR to THE ROOM!
Yeah! We did it Lord!
Relieved and grateful- –
I wheeled out and sat on the deck,
Watched the moon reflect on the water
The dark waves break white on sand
Throw themselves like reckless teenagers
Against the cliffs and jutting rocks.
A yacht has dropped anchor
Right in the silvery path of the moon
People visible dancing
Women throwing their head back in laughter,
Men moving about in rhythm
It is like a silent movie
Which suits me fine,
The moon
The waves
The near black and white picture
This is the image I long for.
So I drink my coffee, breathe the salt air
Feeling so good the room is cleared
The shelves are dusted
All the issues,
The painful memories,
The ugly sins in my life
Confessed, prayed over
What a huge relief!
This morning during quiet time
You speak gently, quietly
Go into the room
We’ve business there You say
And I open the door
And I wheel in to see
The shelves are buried in
Boxes and lumpy, smelly packages
These You’ve moved from
Deep storage….
No silent movie or
Moonlit waters and breaking surnį¤¾f
Refreshed, I look to You
I know there’s work to do
Here in this secret room
In the Cottage by the Sea
And I ask,
“Where do You want to start?”
You answer, “At the beginning.”
.d.f.a.v. 7-14-15

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