Carry Me Back

I will always remember –
Walls folding back in ICU
Grey turned green and blue…
Arms lifting me were strength itself
Heartbeat in rhythm beneath my ear…
The water running so swift
The human eye couldn’t see…
Trees so ancient they embodied time
Sunlight and leaves a dappled canopy…
Rock with cradle worn smooth
Warmed by a sun older than time…
Healing water that washed death away
Restoring my health and mind…
Having no fear or a bit of doubt
Knowing You had me from the start…
You chose to heal me ten years ago
This I am certain this I do know
Here I am on borrowed time still
Seeking Your healing within Your will…
The river was as real as Heaven itself
Healing divine and so undeserved…
I remember the river silent and sure
And the sound of Your heart forever more…
Carry me again to the river so sweet
Allow me again to hear Your heartbeat,
d.f.a.v 7-11-14

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