Maybe there isn’t only one defining decision of our lives.
Maybe everythings not threatened by one loose thread we forgot to tie.
Maybe the corner turned isn’t unforeseen everytime.
Maybe the circumstances couldn’t be any better yours or mine.
Maybe we’ve all done the best we could with what we understood,
Maybe these storms will sweep the mud from our eyes like a flood.
Maybe fences exist for very practical reasons.
Maybe doors and windows bang down so time comes in every season.
Maybe the sun will set this evening and the moon arise.
Maybe the stars will twinkle in the dark as God loosens their ties
Maybe there isn’t one falling star to wish upon or do you find,
Maybe because its the wishing you need to leave behind?
Maybe your dream isn’t of failing but of success.
Maybe not trying is easier than being hurt you confess
Maybe the last breath you take is the one already on loan
Maybe you forget your last breath is known by God alone
Maybe it isn’t belief or faith you’re lacking in yourself still
Maybe if you let go and let Him, He can and He will
Maybe the footsteps you hear are your own on the path.
Maybe the rain billowing down drenching you is a wild bath
Maybe these trials are like pearls warmed by the sun.
Maybe they are strung together with knots not to be undone.
Maybe they form the ladder you’re to be climbing to see
Maybe, just maybe, you’ve known all along what would be.
Maybe somewhere deep inside you where you hide
Maybe that door is flinging itself wide open to the outside.
Maybe this is your time to rise to God’s desire for you
Maybe it has been there all along for you to do.
Maybe the parachute isn’t as necessary as you think.
Maybe wings you can’t begin to see won’t let you sink.
Maybe the pearls are every grain of sand ever in your way.
Maybe minute pieces of the mountains He’s brought down for this day.
Maybe life’s pressure, time, and the raw power of nature
Maybe they’ve made the pearls you are climbing so unsure.
Maybe instead of having to know why it is or is not,
Maybe that’s the absolute least important question you’ve got.
Maybe you aren’t defined by individual moments in time.
Maybe it’s the whole enchilada, the whole rope of pearls, yours and mine.
Maybe all we really have to know is God LOVES US SO.
Maybe this is the moment of faith, leap, trust and let go.
Maybe our wings will appear when our feet touch the air,
Maybe we’ll fly, soaring free without effort or care.
Maybe we’ll find we aren’t ready after all to leap
Maybe we need more time at the Master’s feet.
Maybe, but something tells me this is our moment to soar,
Maybe we’ll sail over oceans and land to heavens door.
Maybe, just maybe, all we need is faith for this moment.
But we’ll never know if we sit hunkered down like we’re dormant.
Maybe He says “Yes!” to the prayer, or He says “No!”,
Maybe He sometimes says” Wait” or sometimes says “No my child no!”
Maybe it’s past time we listen before we act.
Maybe if we did there’d be less that we lack.
Maybe we’re ready and are too doubtful to know
Maybe we can’t hear Him cry, “Fly my child! Go!”
Maybe, just maybe, but what is it I know you do not my friend?
Maybe nothing, maybe something, maybe everything I need in the end.
Maybe…maybe has no place in our lives after all
Maybe we’ve forgotten when it is all over, Satan falls.
Maybe…maybe itself has no right to any of our parts
Maybe we’ve forgotten Jesus lives in every opened heart.
Maybe life has its maybe’s, uncertainties and untruths
Fact is Jesus is coming again, very soon, that’s the truth.
Maybe it’s time we dig our heels in and do the Lord’s will
Maybe there’s still time to save even one more from Hell.
2-3-14 & 7-9-14

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