Unexpected Blessings


God blessed me yesterday
In quite the unexpected way
In a way I did not pray
Except meet my needs today.

Often when I go to Him
What I know is very slim
Like diving off and I can’t swim
I trust in God not my whims.

When the pain is very deep
Or the road is rough and steep
A promise made they cannot keep
Tears withheld for I cannot weep.

Undeserved and far from just
He graces me with His trust
Answers prayers in joyful busts
Gives me treasure that cannot rust.

Today a physical blessing did arrive
Tomorrow’s answer will surely thrive
Blessings for which I haven’t strived
That come from the God so alive.

Unexpected answers sweet and true
Thank You Abba for all You do
The answer today a message from You
Your gift every morning is mercy new.
          d.f.a.v. 7-8-14

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