Cottage by the Sea at Sunrise


Awake before the sun breaks the horizon

Eyes cast to the east to see and hear

The morning symphony You’ve written

New every morning to say You’re near.

The sky becomes an entire stage

As You provide humanity another day

With a reminder of Your great love

If our hearts but hear what you say.

In breathless minutes of anticipation

The horizon streaks where Your fingertips

Paint the sunrise of this moment, now

With swirls of colors that rise and dip.

The ocean reflects the music too

All nature participating as You choose

Thank You that I’m alive to see and hear

The harmony You choose to use.

Your music swells as clouds reflect

The beauty of this day You bring

Ocean waves carry forth the beat

As all creation joins to play and sing.

No greater movement man can produce

Sweeter to ear or eye than Yours anew

The Sunrise Symphony of a Holy God

Lights up the sky and morning dew.

        d.f.a.v. 7-7-14


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