Don’t Look at Me…


Don’t look at me and think,

“Gosh, how does she do it?”

Don’t see my challenges,

The painful swelling

The broken wheelchairs

The 104 mark for my fever

And think, “I’d give up.”

Because you wouldn’t

If you had what I have.

Amazing church family who

Volunteer to clean our house,

Come have Bible study with me,

Cheer me on towards new goals.

Strong friendships that survive

Distance and lack of day-to-day contact

With women stronger than I

Could ever hope to be.

And God, an amazing, gracious Abba

Who picks me up when I fall,

Who hears my whispered prayer,

“Don’t let me give up!”

And He doesn’t because

He lives in me.

Yes, I get by,

It sure ain’t easy,

But I owe it to a

Lot of help from my God

And my friends.

    d.f.a.v. 7/1/14


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