What Do We Say

A teenager comes to you
Bruises on her arm
Dislocated shoulder
It’s not the first time
Her mother did her harm.
You can call social services
Follow all protocol
When she asks why God
Didn’t stop her abuser
Answers seem so small.

On missions overseas
A woman tearfully explains
If she accepts Christ
An infidel a traitor
And worse she’ll be named
Her husband will beat her
He & her father might
Stone her to death
Will God protect her
When rocks pound her tonight?

A man lives in pain
Every single day
Relief never comes
Just why he’s in agony
The doctors can’t say
He hurts so much
He’s losing touch
Answer him one thing
Will God heal him?
He needs it so much.

What do you answer
In situations with such need
You can’t promise rescue
Or protection or discount
God’s power to intercede.
But you don’t have answers
Beyond God gave man free will
And we’re capable of evil
An violence against others
A truth that rages still.

In the entanglement
Of mankind’s affairs
We can be sure
God surely weeps
God does surely care
Man has free will
To do as he may choose
To live with God
As his standard
Or toss it all to lose.

How do you explain
Intense poverty and hunger
Senseless violence or abuse
Needless acts of evil
Painful ends of man’s anger?
How do you answer
Why one cry the tide doesn’t turn
Or a hundred souls
Are violently silenced
And it’s the Bible they burn?

God is alive and well
He’s working everyday
He is not weak
Nor does He forget
The prayers that we pray
The evil in man’s hearts
With free will to reign
Will always cause our questions
Sometimes crush the innocent
Oh so often bring the pain.

It isn’t that God forgets
Or doesn’t send the truth
Or leaves us unprotected
When evil is prevailing
And Satan’s on the loose.
But how He acts
And when He moves
They aren’t our decision
Our choice is to
Trust or not the
Eternity in God’s wisdom.
d.f.a.v. 6-24-14

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